Specialty coffee with a conscience

We source our green beans from John Burton Ltd who import high quality green coffee beans, sourced from more than 25 countries around the world.

He believes ethics, integrity and honesty are paramount, and that maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and customers is fundamental to the development of a successful business. Like us his business is socially responsible, supporting the local communities where the beans are grown, and funding projects that help poor coffee farmers and their wider communities with much needed infrastructure.

John Burton Ltd offers a comprehensive range of high-quality green coffee beans from a variety of origins. These origins have been selected on the basis of quality, flavour and profile to meet the needs of the New Zealand coffee community.

The quality of bean dramatically affects the taste of your coffee. Where cheap low-quality commodity beans result in an ashtray/ rubber tyre tasting coffee, at generosity coffee we use high scoring specialty grade beans with a clean defined taste and no defects to produce a superior taste and consistently superior coffee.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules:

A capsule coffee filled with fresh roasted coffee has much more flavour than one that has travelled across the globe, it also gives a lovely crema and a delicious aroma.

Our capsule blend is roasted to a specific profile that performs well when used in a capsule. The day after roasting your fresh coffee is then encapsulated at a local facility into recyclable capsules.

The capsules are fully recyclable in New Zealand, just pop them in your curbside recycling binWe have chosen recyclable capsules at the moment as there is no commercial composting available in NZ.

Flexible responsible packaging 

Generosity Coffee labels include a range of uplifting comments to help you start you day with a smile and remember the “good” you are doing

We ship our coffee in compostable courier bags and boxes and we are currently working with our bag supplier on compostable bags that still retain freshness and shelf life.

Our labelling system is flexible and easily can be co-branded or include personal statements for your clients. 

We can also create custom display packaging for your capsules or coffee beans as well as bespoke tops on the capsules.