We started Generosity Coffee because we wanted to be more than just another coffee company


Here’s the answers to all the common questions.

If you have a question we haven’t covered, it’s probably a really great question and someone else was bound to wondering about the same thing, so please drop us an email via the contact page.

What does your coffee taste like?

Our aim was to create the perfect balanced blend for both milk and black drinkers and the best coffee you’ve ever tasted!
Our medium dark roast tastes rich, smooth, full bodied and chocolatey.
We only use “Specialty Coffee” Beans graded 80+
We ensure our team of growers, traders and merchants all have strong sustainable, ethical business practices in place
Watch this space as our Fair Trade Organic Blend is coming soon.
We’ve been on a mission at the roastery to create the best tasting fair trade coffee you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Is the shipping free?

Yes  – no one likes surprises at the checkout so we include all costs in your subscription price.

How do I know my fundraiser is getting my contribution?

All you need to do is nominate your fundraiser at the checkout and we will be able to forward your fundraising dollars each month to your grateful fundraising group.

Will your capsules work in my coffee machine?

We use nespresso compatible capsules that have been tried, taste-tested and approved by our discerning friends and neighbours who kindly volunteered to be in charge of quality control for Generosity Coffee.

(It’s amazing how many friends you have when coffee testing is mentioned)

But if you have any issues with your capsules just drop us an email and we can replace them for you.


Can I recycle your capsules?

Yes you can!

Just pull off the foil tops & bottoms and pop everything in your local council recycling bin


Recyclable vs Biodgradable Capsules

Incase you were wondering here’s the long story about recycling and biodegradable capsules

Quantum capsules are made of recyclable materials that are not biodegradable.  The capsule lids are made from food-grade aluminium foil and the cups are made from BPA-free polypropylene (PP) with a small percentage of EVOH providing an oxygen barrier for maximum freshness . Recycling of spent capsules is achieved by separating lids and bases from the cups, placing coffee grounds in compost or garden waste bin, and placing lids, bases and cups in Council recycling.

Darren at Quantum capsules says the issue of biodegradability is a tricky subject because there are some capsules out there (and other products) which claim to be biodegradable… but they are made from a “biodegradable” plastic called PLA and they do not actually practically break down in domestic or commercial composting systems currently in use in New Zealand.  So customers who are using those capsules should be aware of the spurious nature of those claims and avoid throwing them into their garden waste or into commercial composting waste streams.  He personally has some in his garden bin at home that he checks from time to time… after over 12 months there is no sign of degradation.

This independent article does a good job of explain some of the issues:


Quoted from the article:

PLA is a type of plastic promoted as biodegradable, but should be “totally avoided”, Lebo said.

“It’s worse than regular plastic. In municipal and backyard composting we can’t wait 18 months for something to break down.

“We can break down bones in our compost heap, but not PLA. That’s how durable it is,” Lebo said.

“Let’s either use regular plastic that gets recycled or products made of wood and bamboo, for example, not have this Frankenstein in between which can be neither.”

Our capsules supplier also called Greenfingers and Living Earth (who collect our garden bins in Auckland) who tell us they are both having trouble with people disposing of “compostable” capsules in their garden bins… and contaminating the actual compostable material that they can use.  Staff now have to keep an eye out for “biodegradable packaging” and fish it out of their garden compost otherwise it ruins their product.  I think they will need to explicitly tell their customers to not put “compostables” into their bins, despite the advice of purveyors of this type of plastic encouraging them to do so.

Therefore so-called compostable options are nothing of the sort… and in fact are environmentally unfriendly in New Zealand’s context.  This kind of “green-washing” by advertisers and overseas companies is becoming more common every day and we need to respectfully help others to separate truth from fiction(!).

Although not a perfect solution, Quantum’s PP (polypropylene) capsules offer the best practical option at present – recyclable by actual local plastics companies into useful products and inert if they go to landfill (breaking down chemically over time without releasing any nasties into ground water, nor generating any CO2 or consuming the water necessary for PLA’s to hydrolyse and be biodegraded); and, not needing additional foil packaging to keep the coffee fresh for up to 12 months.  And on top of all that, our capsules contain product that is fresh, locally roasted and has not travelled halfway around the world to get to the final consumer – fresh and local is always best for the environment.

as a final note, if environmental conservation is top priority in your household we suggest moving back to plunger coffee or using an Aeropress which both make delicious environmentally friendly brews.

Why should I buy a regular delivery?

Generosity Coffee is about helping others in small ways everyday, not just a one time thing.

We offer a subscription so your fundraiser can plan ahead and focus on doing awesome things it also means they don’t have to spend time constantly stressing about raising more funds.

By purchasing your coffee for a set time from Generosity Coffee instead of just grabbing a bag here and there, your fundraiser knows you have committed to help them with a specific project or to achieve their goal and can then plan what to do with the funds.

Can I pause my coffee subscription when I go on holiday?

Yes – just drop us a line with your holiday dates and we can put it on pause for you.